index page of indexyness that actually doesn't index into anything at all, so I'm lying about that really.

1 Minimalist intermediate website

  • I mean, there's a pretty good chance this page will stay untouched for years.
  • My Ph.D Thesis - Phd thesis pridgeon 2008
  • Some results I recorded in spreadsheets, which almost certainly won't make any sense without reading my thesis results
  • Most of the papers produced during my studies. I don't seem to have all of the papers, but here's what I have got - linky
  • I have all the source code that generated these results, and others found only in my Thesis, but that isn't publicly available. It may become available if and when a suitable research opportunity arrises, or I may find time to work on it myself and then release all of it as Open Source.
  • Until then I'm keeping control of it.
  • If it helps, here's a picture of my cats when they were kittens totally failing to understand what I mean by 'I printed this out to read, not as your new playground'….


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